Clients, Friends & Fans 


Our clients count among the top suppliers in your businesses. We are proud to have you on board as our client, friend and fan. Admittedly, this does not mean forever. Instead it is a huge responsibility.

What that means for us: We are thankful! We don’t see ourselves as disposable contractors, but as a proactive partner who provides great services and performances.

What that means for you: We prove the trust that you have in us every day. We serve our clients, candidates and employees and keep our promises. We come to fulfillment when we share. We are faithful to our dogma and try to make the world a little better. With fair offers and great solutions. We want people to have more fun again in their professional and private lives.

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Four great reasons that speak for our manufactory:

How does modern and digital recruitment 3.0 work?

  1. People always ask for a reason. Why should I do a certain thing and why not? Within this process there are two forces that lead us to our decision making. There is the fear of losing something. In the professional field this means losing something through a bad deal, a poor contractor or a sales representative trying to steal my time and money. People are scared that bad experiences may repeat. 
  2. Our tools: Heart, Eyes and Hands.

  3. Almost everyday these primal fears come up provoked by people in your surroundings, contractors, sales reps or even your own co-workers. We get triggered and boom, that’s it with our meeting. Frustration on both ends due to our dogmas and old structures. We want to take away the fear by talking about it. You don’t have to be scared to work with us – we want to make everything better, nicer, easier. That’s what we learned at least.
  4. A personal insight in the soul, on eye level.

  5. We want to take you on a new journey. We want to intrigue your interest in a place you’ve never been before. We would like to invite you to a place called trust and success. And we will do everything to make sure that you’ll like it!
  6. People recognize each other through the sound of their voices.

  7. Curiosity is the second force that leads us in our decision-making. Curiosity is our strongest ally. It brings us to places we’ve never experienced before. Curiosity helps us to connect with new people and helps us to find valuable friends. It helps us to expand, to follow our own path and to find our goal. We know this. Bröer & Partner has specific goals: To improve your firm and to accompany you on your way to reach your goals. Our clients’ economic and personal goals, your goals and our candidates’ goals and dreams. Follow your natural curiosity.

Personally with courage, passion and lifeblood.

B&P SaferSales

B&P SaferSales

Price-Performance-Guarantee – Hunter: Immediately, fair, one price, 100% safe.

My Solution

B&P Sales

B&P Flat

Sales flat rate – Fresh hunters, Every month for your new customers’ sales

B&P EliteSales

B&P EliteSales

Refinement of sales representatives – Impulse-presentation, fresh hunters – trained for you.

My Solution

B&P FlexiSales

B&P FlexiSales

Decide yourself – You tell us what you need and we’ll make sure that you get it.

My Solution

Our tools are eyes, hands and heart.

The fascinating sales manufactory

What it means for you

less fees and recruitment costs as market-based



time saving in your recruitment process



free choices of your new short-list-candidates


This is us.

Our story, our team.
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Better achievements for candidates and businesses.
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I can show you how to live a successful live.
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