We offer great products, are hidden champions but we can’t get the speed on the street. We have to take action.



„When you start thinking you’re good, you stopped trying to be better."

Our client understands. Action creates more assets than caution.

As innovation leader you have to deliver outstanding performance at all times and you have huge responsibilities. You’re responsible for your employees and clients. After a first conversation with our clients we can analyze his “pain”. The company is great, modern; most of the employees are experts in their fields and develop international and highly complex software solutions. The market demands the companies’ solutions and sales plays a minor part. Market and companies change quickly so it is only a matter of time until the competition picks up pace. Even though the concept copies developed by the competition are not as good, they have better sales power to new customers. That hurts. The parent company doesn’t like to see how numbers, data and facts drop and show a clear but hurtful picture. We need to take action. Our job is to transform the passive counselor and distribution sales sector. Proverbially wake and free the sales.

Truth and clarity bring up the painful subject and help to motivate the company to change: all hands on deck! New goals, new course, new tact. Pull your sleeves up and work hard. Combined with fresh air. We can lift and redefine potentials in no time. Additionally, our declared experts are able to expand and speed up the sales department. Continuous trainings bring sustainable success. We train the employees and sales. Personal, human, fair and on eye level. Especially direct sales. We explain processes in sales through keynote and flipchart. But we love to help sales win over new customers pro actively. Now, our client is able to increase the number of new customers quickly and measurable. The whole sales department is trained towards a consistent and individual company-selling story. As soon as you believe you’re good you stop trying to be better! We love what we do and are happy to share this with you.

You book your solution
Elite Sales

You get 5 fresh
sales reps / hunters

You increase your potential up to 100%

70% higher a balloon rate with new clients

Where do I get sales reps quickly, measurable and for a fair fee. My departments need to be occupied.

People and the market don’t develop the way we would like them to. Vacations, sickness, holidays – many days that affect effective selling time. Big sales units and companies with lots of field sales have a natural turnover rate. Within this, our client is prospective and chose the right solution. Every month, we deliver exactly those sales that he needs for his new business.

“Overbookings” happen all the time. This gives more potential to the client as he can put candidates on hold, expand, or close revenue gaps quickly. We treat those partnerships fair. This means that we agree on a monthly fee. The position or function of your new employee doesn’t matter here. This saves you a headache and brings success quickly. You can exactly plan your staff budget as well as your head count. Good hunt!



„Every month we provide exactly those new business sales reps that our clients need."

You book the sales package
your sales rep flat rate

You get 10 fresh
sales per month.

You increase your
potential up to 100%

You increase your annual
turnover up to 50%

Clients, Friends & Fans 


Our clients count among the top suppliers in your businesses. We are proud to have you on board as our client, friend and fan. Admittedly, this does not mean forever. Instead it is a huge responsibility.

What that means for us: We are thankful! We don’t see ourselves as disposable contractors, but as a proactive partner who provides great services and performances.

What that means for you: We prove the trust that you have in us every day. We serve our clients, candidates and employees and keep our promises. We come to fulfillment when we share. We are faithful to our dogma and try to make the world a little better. With fair offers and great solutions. We want people to have more fun again in their professional and private lives.

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