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$9.990per month
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Catch your new talents!

Is it a flat rate for sure?!

YES, we do it. We do it because that’s the way we want it. We are like that – because we handle the market for 30 years and know your wishes and needs.

Flat rate means one price; one fee and all benefits are included. No hidden fees, no bad surprises. No nonsense. No investments for ads. No fees for checking CVs from old job ads.

Results are transparent and verifiable – FLAT RATE.

If you’re curious, skip the following to the text on the end.

How, Where, What?

Occupy national sales departments with fresh sales employees. Create new positions with a selection of suitable talents delivered by us. Be creative and proactive and start your recruitment process now.

We occupy your currently available and future positions. Nationwide, we deliver first profiles on your desk within 3 days. From counselor, over to sales to key account manager, field leader and sales leader. From SAP specialist to senior consultant.

It’s all included in the flat rate!

How long do I have to?

Duration is great. Economically awesome and likely selected. But duration means also – we gain but you’re not secure. We don’t do that; we don’t want that! We choose the path of quality and achievement. That’s how we match. It’s the only way to reach a peak output and excellent results.

Every month we prove that we are your partner and you are a fair player. If not, we split up. Just like that.

Unlimited talents!

How many profiles, talents do I get per position? That’s easy to answer and we’re still serious about it. FLAT RATE – as many as we can inspire to work with you. Everything and everybody immediately. Every month once more. As long as you and we like.

We work face to face, not face to book.

We deliver proven talents. Done.

Real people – real talents. We invest in employees, technology and creativity. No robots that pull CVs from databases and send those to you without your permission. Hoping at least one is a fit. We walk the path that most people don’t know about. We talk to candidates directly. Admittedly, this is tough. But short cuts lead you to traffic jams. Our path in sales is the supreme discipline, similar to the free program in figure skating. Obviously, not everybody can pull this off.

We look for your talents – in person. Our career experts take their time for you, your needs and our talents. Because we can and want to.

The catch!

Our aspiration is to deliver outstanding work. Not only for one month or a longer duration. We have aspirations towards ourselves. Really high aspirations, that we also expect from our clients and candidates.

We stay outstanding. In success and results. 

We need you and all of our clients to bring the same attitude.
This is why – and here is the catch – we only accept three new clients per month within this FLAT RATE solution.

Got it?

  • Flat means FLAT and this won’t change. Amen.
  • Flat Fee: $8.990 per month
  • Talents: Flat
  • Positions: Flat
  • No duration

A collaboration with us means: We are more effective than digital indexes, cheaper that In-House-Recruitment-Procedures and more valuable than unexamined HR-Matching procedures. Also we search and find your talents personally, Face to Face. No nominal members, no anonym search and no CV sending.

Is it you?

Are we on the same page? Do you understand the recruitment market 3.0 and the war to win talents? Are you creative, prospective and can you “recalculate”?

Then it’s you – call us!

Apply now:

 +1 310 310 4035


  1. You would like to get in touch with us? Then send us your e-mail address and we’ll get back to you.